Kindergartner brings 30 bags of heroin to school


TRENTON, N.J. (ABC NEWS) — A shocking discovery was found in a Trenton, N.J. classroom after a kindergartner brought heroin in his lunch box.

A kindergarten student at the International Academy of Trenton Charter School was found with 30 bags of heroin on him on Monday.

“Horrible,” A parent, Nikki Bonifazi, said. “I’m grateful this kid didn’t digest this.”

Parents say they’re even more disappointed that they’re finding out through word of mouth rather than the school.

The letter wasn’t passed out until after school on Monday.

Trenton police say a teacher told her 5-year-old student to stop playing with what she thought was a candy wrapper.

The boy did, but like most 5-year-olds do, he started playing with it again.

So when the teacher went to take it away the second time, she realized it was heroin.

“It’s a shame, plain and simple,” A parent, Kevin Davis, said.

But it gets worse.

After detectives were called, 29 more bags of heroin were found in his lunch box.

The little boy was immediately taken to a local medical center and luckily, tested negative for opioids.

The charter school wouldn’t speak with anyone on camera but issued this statement:

“IAT is following the procedures as specified by the law and is working closely with local authorities to handle this matter.”

Trenton police say an investigation is underway to figure out how the heroin got into the boy’s lunch box.

Again, luckily this 5-year-old didn’t ingest any of the heroin.

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