Goose tangled in fishing twine receives attention from park-goers


SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The DEC is planning its capture of a goose that’s become entangled in fishing line.

A goose rescue is in the works at Central Park after some people noticed one of them was struggling to move.

Caitlin Penney checks in on the goose, as she and others have been very worried about it, and it’s easy to see why.

“It was really sad to see all the other geese, you know they were over there, and he was just kind of here by himself alone because he can’t walk very good,” Penny said concerned.

The goose is struggling to walk with its foot entangled in fishing line.

A DEC spokesman says staff visited the park last week to observe the goose and are working with city parks to come up with a plan to capture it and remove the fishing line.

Damien Mackey, who’s casting a line today, says it’s up to anglers to prevent this from happening.

“Make sure your string is spun around, put together, and put in the trash,” Mackey said, who fishes at Central Park. “Don’t leave it around because it’s literally a bird’s nightmare.”

A nightmare this self-proclaimed animal lover says it’s hard to watch, which leads her and others to try to take action.

“I tried to catch him yesterday to cut the string, but it’s hard to do without the right tools,” Penny said.

But the DEC is saying people who are trying to help goose has only made it become skittish, complicating their plans to capture it, but Caitlin is sick of waiting, and thinks the goose is too.

At least, it has some company while it does.

“That duck has been sitting by him the whole time, and when he flies out into the water when he gets scared, the duck follows with him,” Penny said.

A goose is finding a friend in not only a duck, but those who plan to stand by until help arrives.

Caitlin says she’s going to continue to visit her little friend here at Central Park and hopes that help is on the way soon.

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