Canada allows prescription heroin for those severely addicted


OTTAWA, Canada (WCMH)– Prescription heroin in Canada has been green lighted as a treatment for those who are severely addicted to the drug.

According to CNN, Health Canada amended its regulations to allow doctors to offer addicted patients diacetylmorphine: pharmaceutical-grade heroin.

“A number of countries have allowed doctors to use diacetylmorphine-assisted treatment to support the small percentage of patients with opioid dependence who have not responded to other treatment options,” the regulation states. “There is also a significant body of scientific evidence supporting its use.”

Former Canadian Health Minister Rona Ambrose removed diacetylmorphine from the federal Special Access Program in October of 2013. With the new law, the heroin can only be prescribed to patients under supervision and in specialized circumstances, according to CNN.

Experts say while the prescription heroin won’t cure users of their habit, it could lessen their exposure to life-threatening health risks and overdoses.

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