Couple found passed out in vehicle from overdose with toddler trapped inside

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WCMH) — The woman found the toddler trapped inside the vehicle where two people were passed out from a possible overdose.

Video from March shows the couple slumped inside the car and the driver’s 2-year-old son inside the car.

“We didn’t touch them because we didn’t know if there were needles in the car, and we didn’t want to, we just grabbed the baby out. He was in the back seat. He was trying to get out. He was walking around in the car, and the car was running,” the woman who videoed the scene told WISN.

More video showed firefighters on scene administering Narcan on the man, Matthew Huber, 41, and woman, Victoria Warzyniakowski, 27, saving their lives.

Police said they found more than 200 pills, nearly all of them opioids, in a bottle in Huber’s pocket.

The woman who found the couple took the child inside and took care of him until child protective services arrived.  “I thank God that it happened here, because what if they were driving, or you know, there could’ve been an accident. The little boy could’ve, anything could’ve happened, so I thank God that it happened here in front of our house. It’s a horrible thing, but I really thank God that it happened here,” she told WISN.

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