Police: Man struck, killed dog with ax in Hoosick Falls

HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local case of animal cruelty and the suspect turning his anger on the animal’s owner.

It’s a scene one local lawmaker says is far too frequent.

Hoosick Falls say Jason Jenkins, 38, killed his girlfriend’s dog and buried it in the backyard.

Jenkins found out police had dug up and taken the dog for evaluation, he turned his anger on the girlfriend.

It’s a timeline of events police in Hoosick Falls won’t soon forget.

“We were actually there for a disturbance and while we were there for the disturbance is when she mentioned that the dog was killed,” Officer Bernie Davock said.

Police say it’s when they responded to that call in early August that a woman living in a home on Church Street told them her live-in boyfriend brutally killed her dog.

“With an ax, took the blunt end of an ax and struck the dog several times and buried it in the backyard.”

Officers returned to the home with a warrant, excavated the dog and took it to be investigated.

That wasn’t the end.

“The suspect came back to the residence and then got into an argument with her over the fact that the dog was dug up in the backyard.”

Jenkins then became physical with his girlfriend and resisted arrest by police.

“Clearly this is a public safety issue for all of the family of New York state,” Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R-Glenville) said.

Assemblyman Tedisco has been a staunch advocate for animal rights and says people who abuse animals are a threat to people too.

“This is a clear example that individuals that hurt animals go on to hurt humans and other people.”

He’s working on legislation that would require people like Jenkins to be on a state-wide registry and never own or live with a companion animal again.

“We have to protect every part of the family of New York. The voiceless, as well as the strongest voices.”

Police in Hoosick Falls say it’s best that Jenkins is off the streets.

“She’s in fear, and told us she’s scared she doesn’t want him to come back to the residence. Of course, the dog had to pay the price for that.”

Jenkins is facing animal cruelty charges under busters law, plus charges of assault and resisting arrest.

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