Mom takes heartbreaking photo of empty doorstep on 1st day of school

Credit: Prayers for Kate/Facebook

HERNDON, Va. (NEWS10) – A mother shot a heartbreaking photo of an empty doorstep on the 1st day of school.

Lindsay Rhoades’ daughter Kate should have started kindergarten this week.

According to ABC News, Kate died earlier this year of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

In a Facebook post, Lindsay posted a photo of her gravesite, photo of the school she would have attended, and the place where she would have posed for her first-day photo.

“I want people to see my reality,” Rhoades told ABC News. “Kate was robbed of those milestones because of cancer. There’s an entire elementary school of people who will never be blessed to know her.”

Lindsay is hoping that the post will not only remind people of her daughter, but raise awareness that childhood cancer, in her opinion, is underfunded.

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