NY expanding medical marijuana program to include home delivery

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Nowadays, we can get pretty much anything brought right to our doorstep. Soon patients in New York will have medical marijuana delivered home.

A special delivery could make a huge difference for people with debilitating pain.

The State Department of Health is allowing home delivery under the state’s medical marijuana program. A recommendation that companies like Vireo Health welcome.

“What really makes our work meaningful is knowing we are helping people who are suffering from terrible diseases like cancer like ALS,”  Ari Hoffnung, CEO of Vireo Health of New York, said.

PTSD, even Alzheimer’s may soon qualify for medical marijuana treatment.

Assemblyman Phil Steck says the health committee initially granted the DOH room to expand the program.

“When the health committee and legislature passed the Compassionate Care Act we gave DOH the authority because they have the expertise to address those issues,” Steck said.

Patients suffering from chronic intractable pain will have their answer by December.

Something medical marijuana companies do not agree with is New York expanding licenses to more companies. They say the already small market can’t handle that.

Only 20 medical marijuana dispensaries serve 7,000 registered patients in New York.

The DOH is reviewing chronic pain and other conditions to add to the program. They are also looking to extend five more licenses to medical marijuana companies.

Some of the DOH’s recommendations must go through a public comment period next month before they are finalized.

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