Local woman sends message of empowerment after claiming company sent degrading online posts

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – What started out as a young woman attempting to make an online purchase through a social media-based company took a completely different turn.

Kirsten DiCaprio, 19, wanted to buy a T-shirt from a company called Top Tier. She wanted a 15 percent discount, so the company told her she had to add them on Snapchat first. When she did, Top Tier replied by saying she could get the discount code “only if she plays her cards right.”

DiCaprio sent a picture of her face to Top Tier on Snapchat to ask for the discount code. The company then replied with “Are you afraid to show a little something?”

“I don’t know in what world they thought ‘This girl wants a coupon code, so we deserve a picture of her,’” DiCaprio said.

DiCaprio sent a reply back that stated she refused to degrade herself for a small discount.

“The female form is one that deserves to be celebrated and liberated,” she said.

DiCaprio wants to send the message to other women.

“You don’t have to be talked to like that or think that your body is worth a 15 percent off coupon,” she said.

NEWS10 ABC reached out to Top Tier and spoke with a worker over the phone. The worker wished to remain anonymous but said the company calls itself a “college-based comedic account.”

“We weren’t inferring anything,” the worker said. “We accept submissions from our followers every single day, so basically it was just a joke. You can take it any way you want, but if you follow our social media page, you can see exactly what we stand for.”

Top Tier said the 15 percent discount code can be given to anyone who wishes to make a purchase. The company also said it receives pictures from females all the time.

When NEWS10 asked if the submissions came from females under 18-years old, Top Tier said no.

“It was just a joking matter, and we receive submissions of girls doing different types of things all the time,” the worker said.

Top Tier said it’s a social media movement that’s meant to show the best of the college world and whatever post or comment they make should not be taken seriously.


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