Local expert explains what you need to know about latest iPhone hack

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local cybersecurity expert has offered tips on what you need to know about the latest iPhone hack.

The latest hack is specific to iPhones, and it comes in the form of a text message. An Arab activist was hacked earlier this month.

“His phone was acting up and was getting really weird text messages,” Marissa Salzone with GreyCastle Security said.

Salzone said if an iPhone user is hacked, they may receive a text message with a link. Clicking on the link gives the hacker access to the phone.

“Pretty much your entire life is now under someone else’s control, and that’s scary, especially when your life is, you know, on a small device like that,” she said.

The hacker will be able to see every picture, video, password, and any other information on the phone.

“They can hear you; they can actually turn on your camera on your cell phone without you doing anything and watch you walk the streets,” Salzone said.

Salzone said the hack comes through holes or vulnerabilities in Apple’s software. This week Apple released the software update iOS 9.3.5 in response to the hack.

Salzone recommends everyone update as soon as possible.

“I wouldn’t put myself at risk to have that hole,” she warned.

Another step to put you at less of a risk to be hacked is to use the Touch ID fingerprint on the phone instead of a passcode. And though it may be common sense, don’t open any messages from someone you don’t know or recognize.


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