Photo of submerged utility worker goes viral

Credit: Andrea Adams/Twitter

HOOD COUNTY, TX (WCMH) — A Texas utility worker proved his absolute dedication to his job.

Andrea Adams says a water main broke in her driveway last week. When utility crews arrived to repair the leak, she snapped a photo of one of the workers going headfirst into the muddy water to try to fix the problem.

That photo quickly took social media by storm.

WFAA-TV identified the utility worker as Jimmie Cox, 23. He told the TV station he had to reach down nearly five feet in order to clamp the broken water line.

He also doesn’t see what the big fuss is about.

“In this line of work, people do it a lot,” Cox told WFAA-TV.

Cox, who said he took the call to get a little overtime, came out of the water all muddy. But not to worry. The Wrangler Jeans company saw the tweet too, called him an everyday hero and announced it was sending him a pair of new jeans.

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