Phase one of ‘road diet’ in Albany has been completed

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Part of a busy Albany street has shed two lanes.

Phase one of Madison Avenue’s “road diet” is complete. At a news conference on Thursday, Albany officials were joined by advocates of the project to officially announce the opening of bike lanes now striped from South Allen Street to Partridge Street.

In March, the city planned to make Madison Avenue smaller by losing two driving lanes and replacing them with bike lanes on both sides. Supporters said the “diet” will calm traffic and be a win for all.

“With the amount of traffic that Madison Avenue carries, it will have safety benefits for everybody,” Albany Common Council member Leah Golby said. “Whether you are driving a car or riding a bicycle or walking down the street or taking the bus.”

Funding was also announced for phase two of the diet, which will continue the bike lanes from Partridge Street down to Lark Street.

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