Parents, students rush to stores for last minute back to school shopping

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As kids head back to school, this is one of the busiest times of year for chain retail stores as they offer big sales.

Back to school shopping isn’t usually a one day process. Parents and students often visit multiple stores, and on Thursday, NEWS10 ABC found many who were shopping at Walmart.

Diana Burrows is heading into her freshman year of college. She had some trouble fitting all of her items into her car.

“Just as long as I’m getting some stuff that I need, I’m fine with it, but the only thing is trying to fit everything into small nooks and crannies,” she said.

Across the parking lot was Synclair Clarida. Her parents did price comparison shopping to get the best deals.

“We looked at sales and matched prices and everything,” she said.

For others, the parents did the shopping.

“It’s a tough thing, but also it’s an enjoyable time,” parent Isaac Freeman said. “You get to see other parents trying to do the same thing you are doing.”

But all three families cringed when they revealed how much they spent: between $100 and $525.

School has not started for everyone, so the end of August and beginning of September is when most people fit in last minute shopping.

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