Certain Instagram filters linked to depression

(CNN) – Whether it’s a selfie or group photo, scientists are finding certain Instagram filters may give you a more accurate look into your life than you let on.

Valencia, Juno, Mayfair, or Hudson, those filters are meant to add more color and intensity to your life.

However, some filters can actually signal the opposite.

Researchers from Harvard and the University of Vermont found that Instagram photos can be analyzed to screen users for depression.

The photos’ filters and traits, like brightness and color, identify those who suffer from the illness better than a typical physician.

The study found that Valencia, a filter that lightens photos, is most popular with users who were not depressed.

While inkwell, which converts images to black and white, was used by clinically-depressed consumers.

The discovery may seem obtrusive and could be lucrative, but Michael Thase, the director of the mood and anxiety program at the University of Pennsylvania, says companies would hopefully only use them to assist patients and not target depressed people simply to make a buck.

A user could ask for screening feedback by giving consent to having their photos scanned.

The computer system would analyze the user’s profile by looking at the hue, vividness, and filter applied to photos.

Once the results showed the user as depressed or not, the patient’s physician could automatically receive the results.

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