Lake George Commission pushing to end Log Bay Day

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Officials say this is a normal relaxed day here on Lake George with boaters having a great time, but during Log Bay Day there are hundreds of boats in this space. Now officials are trying to figure out how to end it.

“Log Bay Day simply won’t be tolerated on Lake George anymore,” David Wick, Executive Director of the Lake George Park Commission, said.

A long standing tradition on Lake George will be no more, according to Wick.

Calls to end Log Bay Day came from lake George officials, law enforcement, and the community after a young girl was killed when police say following Log Bay Day, Alex West struck the boat the girl was in with his boat and took off.

“This year’s incident is the catalyst that we’re talking about it’s almost like the straw that finally broke the camels back.”

Wick says 800 to 1,000 people fill the small Bay Area and drinking and fighting causing a dangerous atmosphere.

“It takes a large amount of not only law enforcement but also medical professionals to go out there and that takes us away from everything else that all these people are suppose to be doing.”

Marine patrolman Bill VanNess has responded to emergencies at Log Bay Day for 15 years.

“I’ve really never seen anything productive come out of it,” Bill VanNess, Marine Patrol Officer at the Lake George Park Commission, said. “It’s grown to the point where it’s pretty much uncontrollable for us at this time.”

VanNess says some party goers leave and their lives are never the same.

“The injuries. The carelessness. I’ve actually seen two accidents since I’ve been out here. Both ended up with broken necks and paralyzation.”

So how will officials stop the annual event? That’s something they’re still trying to figure out.

“It’s a crowdsourcing event so it’s not sponsored by anyone. It’s difficult to simply pull a permit or declare that it’s illegal. We do have some thoughts on how we can better do some public outreach,” Wick said.

The Park Commission says it will not reveal exactly how they plan to stop Log Bay Day.

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