Mohonasen School District wants to create ‘school zone’ to get drivers to slow down

ROTTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Mohonasen School District is looking to get drivers to slow down by designating a portion of Helderberg Avenue a “school zone”.

Students living at the north end of Helderberg Avenue now have a sidewalk to safely walk to school. Students coming from the south don’t have anything. That’s why the school wants to designate this section of Helderberg Ave in Rotterdam a school zone.

“They’re zooming down here you know?”

Rich Favre lives about a rocks throw away from Mohonasen Schools, but he says a section of Helderberg Avenue is becoming less and less pedestrian friendly.

“They’re taking care of the front end of Mohonasen, but what about the back end here? We have communities all the way down. Maybe there needs to be blinking lights to warn this is a school zone,” Favre said.

That might happen.

The school district wants to designate Helderberg Avenue between Brian Crest Court and Crestwood Drive a “school zone”. Especially now that more traffic is coming through the school’s back entrance.

It could take all school year to establish because the resolution has to go through the legislative session.

“The state legislature would pass a state law designating this school zone. Once we have a local home-rule message, potentially reducing the speed limit and also increasing penalties,” Senator George Amedore said.

A recent traffic study found a chunk of drivers here were going 13 MPH above the speed limit. Doing that in a school zone could land you 15 days in jail.

Whether it’s sidewalks or signs, Favre says something has to be done because his 7-year-old granddaughter is growing up in this neighborhood .

“By the time she’s ready to go to middle school, there will be sidewalks here if I have anything to say about it,” Favre said.

The town board is discussing a resolution, but may need county support to send to the legislature. That’s because the county has jurisdiction over this portion of Helderberg Avenue.

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