Crews more than halfway done with Albany sinkhole repairs

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Since August 2nd, Crews have been hard at work repairing a sinkhole in Albany, and officials say they’re now more than halfway done completing the project.

Sunday was day 19 of repairing the sinkhole at Elberon Place and South Lake Avenue, and though it may appear that work is far from over, crews have made significant progress since the road opened up.

Neighbors in the area have had to live with loud construction noise for nearly three weeks, since the sinkhole opened up and swallowed a parked SUV 15 feet into the ground.

The car was found on top of a gas line, and after slowly removing it from the hole, stabilizing the ground, and clearing debris, crews discovered the source of the problem, an 85-year-old valve that blew off of the water transmission main.

Albany Water Commissioner Joe Coffey says rain has been a big obstacle in repairing the sinkhole.

“It’s a safety issue. We don’t really want people down you know 23 feet in the ground,” said Coffey.

But this Friday, crews were finally able to install a plastic liner in the downstream sewage pipe, a cost-effective way to rebuild the sewer and make it stronger.

“Instead of just putting a bandaid and patching the sewer that broke, we’re actually putting in about 700 feet of new 60-inch sewer inside the Beaver Creek trunk sewer,” said Coffey.

The next step is to install a liner in the upstream pipe on Wednesday, then crews will have to rebuild the manhole at the intersection.

After that, crews will install about 80 feet of new storm pipes as a part of a fall Elberon Place drainage project.

“We figured as long as we’re in the intersection, we’re 20 feet deep, let’s get that pipe put in now,” said Coffey.

Once that’s done, Coffey says they’ll finally be able to replace the water main.

In the meantime, people living in the area will have to continue dealing with the noise, road closures, and water restrictions.

Coffey says they’re hoping to be done with the work by the end of the month, but says if the rain keeps up like it has been for the last few weeks, he wouldn’t be surprised if they finish closer to labor day.

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