Capital Heroes: Erin at the Victoria Acres Equine Facility

GUILDERLAND, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Veteran Annie Barrett, who served as a Chaplain’s Assistant in Korea during the Vietnam War struggled with post traumatic stress disorder until she went to equine therapy at Victoria Acres. She says it changed her life.

“Being here… those trust issues vanished,” Annie says.

Erin Pashley, who introduced her shy stepdaughter to riding lessons, saw the difference and started ‘Horses for Heroes’ in 2012.

“They accept you for what you bring,” Erin explains.

By teaching those who are hurting to train the horses to trust and obey them, Erin has seen lives transform.

“From a 4-year-old who has developmental disabilities… to a 70-year-old veteran, these horses can help everyone,” she says.

As the nonprofit grows, our NEWS10 ABC Capital Hero searches for grants to help more in need.

“It’s truly amazing what she’s accomplished,” Annie says.

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