Rachael Mattice appears in court for allegedly stealing prescription drugs

NORTHVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The woman whose disappearance sparked a massive, two week long search appeared in court on Tuesday.

Rachael Mattice is charged with one count of Petit Larceny. Police said she was under investigation for stealing prescription drugs while working at the Hamilton County Public Nursing Service as a home health aide.

Defense attorney Robert Abdella told NEWS10 ABC last week he doesn’t know if Mattice has a drug problem, and currently, the claim is speculation.

“I really haven’t had any dealings with them other than with respect to the search previously, but it was very limited,” Hamilton County District Attorney Marsha Purdue said.

Tuesday’s appearance came a week after Mattice pleaded not guilty to Falsely Reporting an Incident. Police said Mattice lied about being abducted from her family’s campsite in Wells as well as being held against her will and raped by an older man.

At last week’s court appearance, two members of Mattice’s family were seen acting aggressively and pushed a NEWS10 reporter as well as chased down some of the media’s cameras.

But on Tuesday, Mattice, along with her parents, quickly walked into Hope Town Court with their heads down. When they left court, the father made a remark to a media member to not stand behind their car or he would be run over. He then denied it was a threat.

“The defendant’s attorney requested time to fil motions, so he has 45 days to file the motions,” Purdue said. “Then I have a period of time, of course, to respond. And then again, he has a period of time to reply.”

Purdue said she did not request bail since Mattice appeared for court last week and Tuesday. What will happen with the case is unknown.

“I’m not sure what will happen,” Purdue said.

Mattice’s next court appearance is scheduled for November 1. Purdue said the case is ready to be taken to trial.

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