Jacob Heimroth, man accused of murdering Lansingburgh couple, found guilty of 2nd degree murder

LANSINGBURGH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The man charged with the beating deaths of Allen and Maria Lockrow has been found guilty.

A jury handed down their verdict Tuesday afternoon.

The victims’ family says stomach’s turned as they heard not guilty on the first and top count of first degree murder. Shortly after they were relieved when Jacob Heimroth was found guilty of 2nd degree murder.

Allen’s brother says it has been a long two years.

“He loved his ‘9ers, his horses, and his family. The family is relieved.”

It’s been nearly two years since Joe Rielly lost his baby brother and his sister in law Allen and Maria Lockrow.

The couple was brutally murdered in their Lansingburgh home. Now their case comes to a close after a jury found Heimroth guilty of 2nd degree murder, burglary, and grand larceny

“If you look at the way they murdered my brother and his wife, they just kept hitting them and hitting them and hitting them. There’s nothing nice to say about them,” Rielly said. “I’ll be at the sentencing.”

Police say Heimroth broke into the couple’s home, beat them to death, and then stole their SUV.

The defense worked hard to shut down any witness testimony that would place Heimroth at the scene. They downplayed information from Heimroth’s accomplice Dan Reuter, who took a plea deal in exchange for his testimony.

The prosecution said jurors could not be swayed after hearing a crucial piece of evidence, 911 calls from a neighbor the night Allen and Maria were murdered.

Right after she sees what she saw, she calls 911 and tells them she saw two people. For them, it was the end of the inquiry.

Rielly says he will never get his brother back, but there are two winners today.

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