Former Watervliet Police chief heads to jail after stealing money from funeral home

Former Watervliet Police Chief Mark Fiet will spend six months in Albany County Jail.

Back in December, he pled guilty to stealing some $65,000 from the Parker Brothers Funeral Home, where he also worked for more than 30 years.

Monday is day one of a six month sentence for former Watervliet Police Chief Mark Fiet.

He was taken into custody immediately after this morning’s sentencing.

Our cameras weren’t allowed inside the courtroom, but NEWS10 was able to catch up with Mr . Fiet ahead of his sentencing.

He did offer a brief apology to Judge Steven Herrick, saying there’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t deeply regret what he’s done.

And while Judge Herrick scolded him for betraying the trust of not only the funeral home, but the community he simultaneously served as Cheif of police, he took Fiet’s health complications into consideration.

The judge said the recommended 1 to 3 years could very well have been a death sentence for the 65-year-old with a failing heart. Still, his defense attorney says his client shouldn’t have gone to jail at all.

“He’s expressed enough remorse for what he’s done. Obviously you’re never going to satisfy the victims. We understood that going in and Judge Herrick responded to their needs,” said E. Stewart Jones, Defense Attorney.

All together Fiet was sentenced to 6 months in Albany County Jail, five years’ probation and $51,000 in restitution.

District Attorney David Soares says he hopes the sentence sends a message that financial, white collar crimes won’t be tolerated.

He also stressed the importance of third party audits.

“In every case of embezzlement it’s always someone who in a position of trust. And the private business never takes a second look,” said Soares.

His co-defendant Sam Catalano will be sentenced on September 22.


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