Closing arguments took place for man involved in Lansingburgh couple’s death

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The future of a Rennselaer man accused in the beating deaths of a Lansingburgh couple is now in the hands of a jury.

Jacob Heimroth is accused of killing Allan and Maria Lockrow along with Daniel Reuter who already admitted his guilt in exchange for his testimony at trial.

Day one of deliberations came to a close on Monday, and the jury witnessed very intense closing arguments before being sent home.

The defense was busy Monday trying to tear apart witness testimony that placed Heimroth inside the Lockrow’s Lansingburgh mobile home the night they were murdered in August 2014. They said Reuter lied about Heimroth’s involvement in the couple’s beating death in exchange for a deal with the district attorney. 

The defense also mentioned the Lockrow’s neighbor admitted on the stand that she lied about seeing two men leave the mobile home that night instead of one.

For their part, the prosecution admitted the lack of any physical evidence. However, they said that’s because the men took great pains to leave no trace of themselves.

Assistant District Attorney Andrew Botts claimed any existing blood or DNA evidence was deliberately destroyed in a car fire that was found on Heimroth’s family farm. He pointed back to Reuter’s testimony from inside the trailer with the Lockrow family listening in.

The jury asked for the definition of beyond a reasonable doubt and corroboration. They also asked for a read back of Reuter’s testimony in which he said, “I want to come clean. I’m the one who killed the Lockrows.”

Heimroth faces life in prison if convicted of the top charge of First Degree Murder.

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