A new mural in Troy is more than just a painting on a wall

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The drive through Troy just got a little more scenic thanks to the unveiling of a new mural.

The drive on Route 378 has gotten a makeover. Usually, the wall on the road near High Street is bare but not anymore.

“Needed some jazzing up a little bit,” neighbor Wesley Dobert said. “This entryway is one of the busiest entryways in the city of Troy.”

Dobert lives up the hill from the wall. The unveiling of the mural is something he thinks can motivate others.

“I think it’s a great idea,” he said. “We get people inspired all around the neighborhood and get them thinking about things. Hey, you never know what can happen.”

His wife, Charlene, is the chairperson of the Stow Farms Association. She helped spearhead the creation of the painting.

“I live up on the hill here, and it’s such a main entrance, and so many cars come through here,” she said. “I just wanted it to be more welcoming to people coming into our city.”

By teaming up with the city of Troy, she was able to find an artist and make her idea come to life.

“I thought it was very beautiful, and that’s what the people in Troy are: beautiful, very beautiful,” Charlene said.

Troy Mayor Patrick Madden said the mural sends a clear message to anyone entering the city.

“As people drive into Troy, they see this, and the only conclusion you can draw is that people care about the city,” he said. “Public art is a sign of caring in your community and in your environment.”

Those who made it happen said they’re just getting started.

“More murals, we have a lot more wall to go,” Charlene said.

“Tip of the iceberg,” Wesley said. “This whole area is going to start seeing improvements.”

The artist said it took him over 40 hours to complete the mural.

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