Four injured by lightning strike at Lake George Battle Field Park

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Warren County Sheriff’s Office and State Police confirmed that four people were transported to area hospitals after a lightning strike at the Battle Field Parkin Lake George Saturday

Three people were taken to Glens Falls Hospital, and another was taken to the Albany Medical Center.

“It was sunny just like this, cloud came over, that was it,” said 21-year-old Eric Kanoff, from Middletown.

A beautiful day at the beach turned gloomy fast for Eric Kanoff, his girlfriend and his dog.

“It started raining. My dog doesn’t like rain or thunder and everything,” said Kanoff.  “So we started bringing him back to the car. Lightning started going off.”

As he started driving away, he saw a State Trooper drive onto the grass at the Battle Field Park

Kanoff decided to run and help, ignoring the pouring rain.

“When I got out there, there were three people on the ground,” said Kanoff.

He says one of them, a man, wasn’t responsive at all.

“He was just still. He wasn’t moving, he wasn’t talking, nothing,” said Kanoff. “His eyes were closed. Another woman was walking around, and her eyes were bloodshot.”

Kanoff says he saw the rest of the family, about 12 to 15 people, was standing in a circle praying.

Kanoff then helped EMS crews with taking care of the victims, and bringing them to the ambulance, something that many would call a heroic act. Kanoff calls it a normal day.

“I always help. If I see a cop struggling on the road I help. If I see somebody broke down, I’ll just help,” said Kanoff.

Kanoff says he hopes the family that was just enjoying a picnic, is okay.

“Life is short you know, it could have been us,” said Kanoff. “We were right there, you know. It could have been us walking.”

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