Police, law firm bring local kids to visit Great Escape for free

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Some children in Schenectady spent the day up at the Great Escape free of charge.

Local police officers joined forces with a local law firm to make it all happen.

Fifteen kids hopped on a bus in their bright orange matching t-shirts and headed for the Great Escape Friday morning.

“I just really want to go to the water park,” Isaiah said.

Director of Schenectady’s Day Nursery Diane Fisher says they offer their services to inner city families who can’t afford to pay the going rate of childcare.

Fisher says many of the kids have never been to the Great Escape before and if it weren’t for the Schenectady PBA and Martin Harding and Mazzotti, they may never have had a chance.

“This is for some of them like going to Disney World.”

Not only did they pick up the tab, but a few Schenectady Officers and people from Martin, Harding and Mazzotti went as chaperones, going along for the ride, quite literally.

“It’s been really nice. It’s a different experience to do this kind of stuff and see their reaction to it. To see how excited a few hours at the great escape really gets these kids,” Sgt. Matt Dearing said.

“It’s like Christmas. They walk in their eyes are wide they’re so excited. It makes me excited just to be here so we’re hoping this goes on for years to come,” Daniel Dagostino, of Martin, Harding, & Mazzotti, said.

With smiles from ear to ear, it was a day of conquering fears.

“I’ve never road a roller coaster before.”

And making dreams come true.

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