Missing pig statue from Guilderland returned

GUILDERLAND, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A popular pig statue has returned home after its owner says it was “kidnapped” about a week ago.

The pig returned home with four little piglets.

“There’s super pig,” Peter McGuire, owner of the pig statue, said.

For a pig, McGuire’s pig is sure living the life.

“We get to do crazy things with it.”

She gets dressed up in different colors and is taken on trips, whether hanging from the trees or going on a boat ride.

“It just moves around and has a life of its own.”

Because of this, she’s becoming the talk of McGuire’s Guilderland neighborhood.

“People drive by and want to know where it is.”

She’s been on her fair share of fun adventures, this past week she went on one that was a bit different.

“It disappeared.”

It wasn’t the first time she went missing.

“It’s gone on vacation before. It’s been held for ransom. Ten lottery tickets and a bag of pretzels.”

That was about two years ago and she came back.

So McGuire wasn’t too worried this time around.

“It’s a fiberglass pig, it’s not going to run far.”

Besides, the people who took it left behind a cooler filled with ice and a pound of bacon for McGuire to eat.

“Taking the pig back to its rightful home.”

To his excitement, McGuire found his pig back in his garden Thursday night with balloons, a note that she was on maternity leave, and four little piglets.

“Well, I hope it was paid paternity leave.”

McGuire says the little pignappers, who he assumes are his young neighbors, got away looking clean.

“It’s fun to have the kids around. What kind of a neighborhood would you have if you didn’t have kids that wanted to skateboard in your driveway, steal your pig, mess with ya.”

He just hopes that no kidnaps his pig again, at least for the rest of the summer.

“Then again, it’s fun and games you never know.”

Now the pig’s story can live on with McGuire and its four little piglets.

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