Closing arguments to be held Monday in Lansingburgh murder trial

TROY, NY (NEWS10) – Closing arguments in the Lansingburgh murder trial will begin on Monday after a juror suffered an unexpected medical issue.

A judge decided on Friday that the court will be adjourned until 9 a.m. Monday and will make a decision on the juror at that time.

The juror has not been discharged and is still required to come to court on Monday morning.

The week and a half long murder trial in Rensselaer County Court came to a close on Friday. Both the prosecution and the defense have rested their cases in the Jacob Heimroth trial.

Heimroth is accused of beating a Lansingburgh couple to death back in 2014.

Jacob Heimroth in the courtroom Friday and many were wondering if he would be called to the stand to testify. Instead, he sat silently with his attorneys as they conducted their arguments.

The defense asked the judge at one point to dismiss all 10 counts against their client saying there is legally insufficient evidence to prove Heimroth’s connection to the crimes.

The defense pointed specifically to the testimony given by Heimroth’s alleged accomplice Daniel Reuter saying the evidence produced contradicts what Reuter said on the stand.

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