Surveillance video released in American Legion burglary

GREENWICH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Washington County Sheriff’s Office released surveillance video of the burglary at a local American Legion on Tuesday.

At around 3:54 a.m., a man wearing a hat and his faced covered in a bandana, unplugs and makes off with a cash register filled with several hundred dollars.

That money would have gone to some of the Greenwich American Legion’s many causes.

“Local charities, events, parades, food pantries, cancer hospices,” Jeremiah Cronin, Commander of American Legion Liberty Post 515, said.

It may not look like much from the outside, but the Legion is a special place for nearly 100 military veterans who go there to find camaraderie and to help their community.

Cronin, who served in the Marine Corps, is one of them.

“I think the great majority of people have great respect for veterans and treat veterans with respect there’s just a small minority of people out there that really have no respect for anybody, not just veterans.”

He says this man, is no doubt, part of that small minority retracing the suspect’s steps.

“They pried the door open with a crowbar and a hammer we believe.”

Security cameras show the man entering the Legion and walking right up to the cash register.

Cronin says that doesn’t necessarily mean he is a member.

“It’s a small town word gets out that we raise money here and we always have a little money on hand.”

Along with the cash register, that’s now replaced with a new one, a box filled with money for needy children was also taken.

This isn’t the first time the Legion has been hit.

“There has been three or four robberies over the past four to six years, I think roughly about $1,200 dollars.”

Each time, the security footage has helped little to identify the suspect.

Cronin is hoping, this time, it will be different and that someone will recognize this man taking money from people in need.

“We all know what we do is for a good cause, but there’s crime everywhere and you can’t stop it all.”

Cronin says he will get the money back for the charities they support, even if it means holding a fundraiser.

He also plans on ramping up security at the Legion.

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