Rachael Mattice pleads not guilty to lying about kidnapping

MAYFIELD, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It was quite the scene outside court as Rachael Mattice showed up. Her family was very aggressive, pushing and yelling. Mattice looked like she was crying on the way in, but did not say a word.

Rachael Mattice, 24, was rushed into Mayfield court by her mother Wendy. Rachael pleaded not guilty to falsely reporting an incident.

Rachael claims she was abducted from a camper at her family’s campsite in Wells on June 23, but State Police say she lied.

According to court documents, Mattice claims she was knocked out by a man that morning while getting ready for work. She also claims she woke up naked in a small shed. Over the course of several days, she says she was repeatedly raped by a white male in his late 50s to early 60s with a long beard.

Police say they have evidence to prove Mattice lied.

Coming out of court Rachael had no comment. Two of Rachael’s family members pushed NEWS10 ABC’s Lindsay Nielsen and went after some of the media’s cameras.

“You can see you’ve got a family that’s very upset. I’m sorry for any of you that had your cameras touched,” Robert Abdella, Rachael’s attorney, said. “This is obviously a very difficult time for the family and for Rachael. Maybe before you press send on Facebook with some nasty message about a 24-year-old girl, you hold off on that. Let’s let the process take its place in a court of law.”

Abdella also apologized after a vehicle Rachael was in drove toward the media.

When asked whether Rachael has a drug problem, Abdella said he doesn’t know and it’s all speculation.

Mattice was also charged with petit larceny in a separate case, her attorney says she will also be pleading not guilty to that charge.

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