Multiple diseased animals spotted in Western Massachusetts

ADAMS, Mass. (NEWS10) – Police in Adams believe they have captured a fox that bit a young child at a local swimming hole.

It was within a secluded spot, known as Big Basin, that police say a boy was attacked.

“The young child was bitten by a sickly looking fox. After that, the fox ran off,” Adams Police Chief Rick Tarsa said.

Chief Tarsa says responding officers did get a good description of that sickly fox. Later, officers in the same area located what they believed to be the animal.

The fox was taken to a nearby animal hospital where it’s being tested for rabies.

Other communities in Berkshire County are also seeing similar cases. Just last week in Pittsfield, another child was bitten by a fox.

Linda Bednarz says she’s afraid for other children who seek the beauty of Big Basin where the boy was attacked.

“I’m kinda glad to not see them today. I’d give them a warning if they showed up,” Bednarz said.

There is a concern in the community about the diseased animals. People are urged to use common sense. If you see an aggressive animal, stay away and call the authorities.

Chief Tarsa says he is hoping they don’t get a lot of sick or aggressive animal calls.

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