Trial begins in in Lansingburgh murder trial

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – We’re starting to hear from witnesses this Wednesday morning at the Rensselear County Courthouse.

During the two weeks that the trial is expected to last, 30 people will take the stand including Jacob Heimroth’s alleged accomplice Daniel Reuter.

Heimroth is accused of beating Allen and Maria Lockrow to death in August 2014.

The prosecutor claims Heimroth went to Lockrow’s home, murdered them, stole some cash, and then took off in their Ford Escape.

It also alleges Heimroth and Reuter were high on cocaine when they broke into the home and beat the couple with an aluminum baseball bat and a brick.

They allegedly destroyed evidence and ditched the SUV in a Cornfield.

The prosecutor’s first witness, a neighbor of Lockrow says she heard banging and saw a person leaving the Lockrow’s trailer with a long object.

She says she then saw more than one person get into an SUV and drive off, that’s when she called 911.

In cross-examination, Heimroth’s attorney brought up the witness previously telling 911 dispatchers and officers that she saw only one person get into the SUV.

The witness also said she didn’t see Heimroth at Lockrow’s trailer.

Now the prosecution’s second witness is currently on the stand. The witness is a former police officer with the Troy Police Department who responded to the scene.

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