New rules to keep Brown’s Beach open after being closed for E-Coli in the water

STILLWATER, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Brown’s Beach is back open for business after an E-Coli scare happened on Saratoga Lake.

The reopening of the beach was not possible without a few visible changes.

“It’s become a labor of love,” Stillwater Town Supervisor Ed Kinowski said.

Kinowski beaming over a packed Brown’s Beach after a massive cleanup of E-Coli last month. The beach had to be shut down for weeks because E-Coli levels were unsafe.

He says seagulls were the main culprit.

“The humans draw the birds. They feed the birds and the birds leave behind a wonderful present that causes us issues.”

At the start of July, E-Coli levels were more than 235 parts per milliliter.

Kinowski says levels are in the single digits and safe to swim.

“We’re here at 6 a.m. in the morning to pick up any droppings from birds on the beach and this morning we had zero.”

Thanks in part to a new bird deterring system. Flags and fishing wire strung above the sand and timed speakers with recordings of birds of prey.

The town says they now have repelling seagulls down to a science, but they still have a list of rules staked clearly in the sand:

  • Don’t drink the lake water
  • Don’t change diapers or wash in the lake
  • Don’t feed the birds
  • It’s recommended that you don’t play at water’s edge

Beachgoers told NEWS10 ABC’s Noel McLaren they seem fine with the new rules.

“They love coming to the beach, so we’re excited it’s open again.”

“It’s just great being back there’s just something special about being at water level.”

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