Louisiana toddler saves mother’s life with 911 call

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– An unlikely 911 call from a two-year-old in Lafayette saved the life of her mother having a seizure.

The call happened last Thursday, Lakeisha Andrew  who suffers from epilepsy, a condition which causes seizures, had an epileptic attack just as her husband left home from work.

Fortunately, Lakeisha’s two-year-old daughter was home and made a call which saved her mother.

Lauryn Andrew, only two-years-old, is no stranger to seeing her mother have a seizure, her mother told KLFY that her daughter normally would cry or be spooked by the situation, but this time, Lauryn’s reaction was far from the norm.

“I was very stunned at this time that she remained calm.”

Two-year-old Lauryn dialed 911 on her own, placing the phone to her mother’s ear who fought through coughs to give her address to dispatch.

On average, the 911 call center in Lafayette gets more than 700 calls a day, a lot of them from kids playing around on their parent’s cell phone.

Keshee Trahan, the 911 operator for this particular call said she knew from the toddler’s voice, something was different.

“It was just something different in her voice and I knew she wasn’t playing on the phone.”

Keshee stayed on the line with little Lauryn until deputies and paramedics arrived.

“[I] heard them knocking at the door and I asked her if she could go to the door, and she did! Later, I found out she opened the door for them. I was just thinking, this is amazing for a two-year-old!”

Keshee and Lauryn met Tuesday for the first time and the unexpected little hero was showered with gifts and given a special award.

Lauryn’s mom Lakeisha says, even though her daughter is only two, it’s good to know she can always rely on her baby to be by her side.

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