First abandoned, vacant building slated to be removed in Troy demolished

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The City of Troy demolished an abandoned and vacant property at 3 Cragin Avenue on Tuesday.

The city says the home is one of the first of 10 abandoned and vacant properties slated for removal for the year.

3 Cragin Avenue has been listed on the city’s vacant building registry since 2009. In January, a fire hollowed out the building, making it uninhabitable.

“Our main objective is not to demolish buildings,” Chris Brown, Troy Community Land Bank Operations Manager, said. “Really what we’re looking to do is rehabilitate neighborhoods.”

“Sometimes removing buildings is the right answer instead of trying to rebuild something that’s too far gone,” Mayor Madden said.

According to the city, the demolitions are part of the city’s effort to revitalize neighborhoods by removing vacant structures that are affecting property values and quality of life.

Mayor Patrick Madden has heard the complaints about the building and others like it.

“It will be a real morale booster to remove these eye sores.”

The mayor and the city are listening. That has everyone involved excited for what comes next.

“I live in this neighborhood so I’m really anxious to see some improvement.”

“A lot of times people come through here and they see all of the abandoned buildings and they thing why would I want to come to this neighborhood?  This neighborhood is full of great people who work hard and are trying to keep what they have,” Board Member Suzanne Spellen, of the Troy Community Land Bank, said.

The demolitions are made possible through a partnership with the Troy Community Land Bank and the City of Troy.

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