Former coach shocked Lake George man involved in fatal boating hit-and-run

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police continue to dig for answers in the late night boating accident that killed a young girl and injured her mother.

Monday night, 8-year-old Charlotte McCue was killed and her mother was injured after the boat they were in on Lake George was struck by another boat. The person driving the boat that hit the victims’ boat was identified as Alexander West.

Police are investigating the crash and working to determine if alcohol was a factor. Police said West was at Log Bay Day with friends.

West agreed to a blood alcohol test. He has not been charged.

Charlotte McCue
Charlotte McCue

His former soccer coach, Adam Pencil, said it’s not like West to leave the scene of an accident.

“It was obviously shock,” Pencil said. “Alex is a well-liked person by most of the people that I know up here.”

Pencil described West as a very positive and upbeat person. He was shocked when he learned West was named as the person driving the boat involved in the fatal accident.

“Any interactions I’ve had with him have been a positive one,” Pencil said. “He seems to be a thoughtful person, and like I said, it just seemed out of character from my perspective.”

NEWS10 ABC knocked on West’s door, but no one answered. Warren County Sheriff Bud York believes West knew he hit a boat, left the scene, and then ditched the boat near Cramer’s Point by the Tea Island Resort.

“The boat that hit the victim’s boat went over the top of it, hit it, and jumped over the top,” York said.

Frank Dettrick, the owner or Tea Island Resort, said Monday was a long night for him and his guests as they received the devastating news.

“Out of all the docks on the lake, they happened to pick the one that was available here,” he said. “I think for most of our guests, they weren’t particularly aware. It’s a fairly quiet property.”

Dettrick said police were investigating the boat that West ditched. Many investigators remained on scene past 1 a.m.

“Well, I think the fact that the boat was abandoned here, honestly, is fairly random,” Dettrick said.

York said the call was placed by a witness and then a family member.

Both boats involved are at the Warren County Sheriff’s Office as police investigate if the boats had lights.

Police are asking anyone who may have pictures or video from Log Bay Day to contact them if West is seen in any footage.

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