Rachael Mattice’s mom speaks out on false report charge

JOHNSTOWN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Following the news of Rachael Mattice’s arrest Friday, her mother is now speaking out, saying she believes her daughter was abducted, and that the man Rachael claims assaulted her is still out there.

“Until the day I die, I believe Rachael’s story,” said Wendy Mattice, Rachael’s mother.

24-year-old Rachael Mattice’s mother is standing by her daughter, just days after State police said they can prove the story Rachael gave to police did not occur.

Rachael still claims she was kidnapped from a family camp site in wells and locked in a shed and repeatedly assaulted over the course of two weeks.

Police are now saying the man Rachael says assaulted her does not exist.

“I am just sick over this. We are not one of the pretty people where we have money to fight this,” says Wendy Mattice. “I strongly believe that he is still out there watching her. I don’t know what kind of evidence, or whatever that the investigators and troopers and everything have.”

State Police say electronic evidence and medical findings don’t match up with Rachael’s claims.

They say a man gave Rachael a ride to another family camp site, and that two hikers saw Rachael during the time she was missing.

STATE POLICE SAY ELECTRONIC EVIDENCE AND MEDICAL FINDINGS DON’T MATCH UP WITH Rachael’s claims. And they say a man gave rachael a ride to another family camp site, police say two hikers also saw Rachael during the time she was missing.

“Yeah and she totally denies it. No way,” says Wendy Mattice. “This guy’s been watching her for a long time. He knew her every move. I don’t believe it.”

Wendy Mattice says she does not believe the witness accounts.

“Don’t forget the Mohawk Valley crime stoppers, or something, which I didn’t want out there,” she said. “People are hungry now because they offered a $2,000 reward for any kind of information, which I thought was a bad idea anyhow. You got sickos out there.”

Wendy Mattice says she is unclear about the evidence State Police will present in the case.
“What evidence they have. They’re not telling us,” she said. “I want her stuff back. They haven’t returned her laptop. None of her clothes. I’m just totally disgusted with the whole thing and I still believe he’s out there watching her.”

Rachael’s mother says she will be in contact with Rachael’s attorney this week to discuss the next steps as Rachael prepares to go to court in the coming weeks.

Rachael Mattice was processed and released on a ticket to appear in Mayfield Court on August 9.

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