NY’s Move Over Law now includes volunteer firefighters, ambulance workers

NISKAYUNA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Drivers are used to red lights on fire trucks, but will now have to move over for responders with green and blue for volunteers.

New York’s move-over law now applying to volunteer firefighters and EMS workers.

“It makes us nervous. Whenever we’re operating on the busier roads like Balltown Road here on Route 7, one of my biggest concerns, is the other traffic,” Niskayuna Chief Dale Lingenfelter said.

That’s because some drivers don’t move over for volunteers.

The U.S. Department of Labor reports 27 emergency responders were hit and killed by a car in 2014.

A staggering number for Chief Dale Lingenfelter and his crew at the Niskayuna Fire District.

“It’s a significant number and it’s probably one of the most vulnerable places for us to operate is out on the highway.”

This extended law sparked widespread conversation on social media. More than 4,000 shares with many shocked that it is not part of the law already.

Even firefighters were weighing in.

One woman writing, “As a firefighter, I am really grateful when I am on the side of the road and people move over. It is very scary standing on the side of a highway trying to slow down motorists.”

Previously, the law only applied to drivers approaching stopped police or emergency vehicles with red, white, or yellow lights.

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