Missing 4-year-old rescued by NYSP Trooper from fast-moving creek

SCHUYLERVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A missing 4-year-old child has been reunited with his grandparents after a New York State Trooper daringly rescued him from the middle of a fast-moving creek Friday afternoon.

The Trooper, David Williams, has been with State Police for 18 years, and he’s now being hailed a hero after he saving the little boy from chest-deep moving water.

After the four-year-old boy went missing from his Grandparents’ house Friday morning, Trooper Williams was the first on the scene.

He quickly notices a fast-moving creek behind the home and wastes no time wading right in.

“His only course of action, which he readily engaged in, was to walk upstream in the water,” said NYS Trooper Mark Ciepel, describing the incident.

Soon, the little boy came into sight, chest deep in the creek, shivering, still wearing his pajamas.

Trooper Williams can be heard on police radio calls, alerting dispatch when he finds the boy.

“The child is in the water, but above it currently” he says on the recording..

“The Trooper went right to him of course, and picked him up. EMS came and checked the child out,” said Trooper Ciepel.

And then came the words everyone was waiting to hear.

“The child’s fine, the child’s ok,” Trooper Williams says on the recording.

The child apparently wandered from home, and fell off a steep bank into the creek.

Luckily, thanks to the heroic efforts of q quick-thinking State Trooper the child was returned to his grandparents safe and unharmed.

The boy’s grandfather told News10 the family is very thankful for what Trooper Williams did.


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