Keeping cool for opening day at the Saratoga Race Track

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s a beautiful day for some horse racing, but along with the excitement and nostalgia of opening day at Saratoga comes the summer sun and humidity.

The sun has been beaming down on the crowds at the Saratoga Race Course, and peopl are finding creative ways to stay cool all track season.

Here are some ways people are beating the heat:

People are finding shade, whether reading in the shade of trees or sitting in the clubhouse where there is shade and air conditioning. The biggest trend is hats – sun hats, fidoras, visors, and baseball hats. Anything that will keep the sun off your face will work.

“It’s supposed to look good, but I guess it helps too,” Hector Vasquez, from California, said.

Scott Kovall, traveled to the track with a friend all the way from Hershey, Pennsylvania. He has been comnig to the races for over 20 years. He shared some tips for keeping cool.

“That’s why he brought a drink with him, you don’t, you swelter,” said Kovall. “Buy a bottle of water and pour it all over yourself. Best advice, a homemade shower.

If you’re heading to the track be sure to check the forecast and plan accordingly because it’s pretty hot out here.

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