Brown’s Beach closed due to E. coli concerns

STILLWATER, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Brown’s Beach in Stillwater was closed Thursday night, after water samples showed high levels of animal waste, and e-coli, possibly from baby diapers.

The Saratoga Lake beach has seen an unusual number of seagulls, geese, and ducks, something Stillwater Town Supervisor Ed Kinowski is calling a nuisance.

The Town has been trying to scare the birds away, but thus far it hasn’t worked.

Most homeowners don’t know. If they’re around the lake and they have a dock out, and they see bird feces on their dock, they just sweep them into the water,” says Kinowski. Well, what they’re doing is sweeping feces into the water.”

Kinowski says people have also been throwing dirty diapers in the water.

Local business is also suffering from the beach’s closing.

Kinowski says the beach should be back open this weekend.

He’s also urging all visitors to not feed any birds, so this doesn’t happen again.

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