Police: Simple acts of kindness from the community make the job worthwhile

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The Lafayette Police Department received 263 gift bags Monday. Each bag came with a personalized note to an officer thanking them for their service. The Lafayette Police Department told KLFY this is the very reason they continue to fearlessly put on the badge every day.

The second shooting in two weeks targeting law enforcement took place in Baton Rouge Sunday. The ambush claimed the lives of two Baton Rouge police officers and one East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s deputy.

“It’s stressful. It’s stressful to see it on the news, to read about it, it’s stressful for our officers to come to work knowing there’s a potential out there that they could lose their life any time that they come to work just based off the reason that they are wearing this uniform,” said Corporal Paul Mouton.

After the tragic events around the nation, Corporal Paul Mouton said the Lafayette Police Department is relying on support from the community and each other.

“We need that silent majority to step up sometimes and I think they are doing that now. What we try to have our supervisors do is make sure they openly speak with our officers, on a regular basis, to make sure that mentally they are prepared to come to work on a daily basis and try to provide the best service that we can.”

Mouton said it’s the simple acts of kindness from the community that make the job worthwhile.

“Regardless of what’s happening on the national level, we want to try to provide the best police presence and support with in our community. They’re going to remain vigilant, and remain professional, and we are going to continue to do the job we’ve always done here in the city of lafayette.”

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