Sources: Woman who claims abduction under investigation for drug theft prior to vanishing

WELLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Sources say the 24-year-old woman claiming to have been held against her will was being investigated by police before she disappeared.

Was the Wells woman, who claimed to have been kidnapped and held against her will for two weeks, actually running from the law? Law enforcement sources tell NEWS10 ABC that Rachael Mattice was being investigated by police prior to her disappearance on June 22.

The same sources confirm that Mattice is currently the focus of a prescription drug theft while she worked as a home health aide.

Mattice Color Sketch

Police have been investigating what happened during the two weeks Mattice was missing and then suddenly reappeared on her family’s doorstep in Johnstown. The 24-year-old claimed she was held against her will and offered a description of a man that was released in a police sketch on Tuesday.

Hamilton County Sheriff Karl Abrams told NEWS10 he could neither confirm nor deny the investigation into the alleged theft.

On her Facebook page, Mattice said she began working as a home health aide for the Hamilton County Public Health Nursing Service in May.

It’s unclear if the current investigation had anything to do with her disappearance, which prompted vigils and police searches.

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