Watch officers confront teen accused of “wanting to kill people,” pointing pellet gun at Walmart customers

COBLESKILL, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police arrested a 13-year-old boy after he is accused of pointing a stolen pellet gun at customers in Walmart.

Police say officers and staff helped the situation, resulting in a safe ending, but it was a scary ordeal.

Body camera footage captured Cobleskill Police Officer Joelle West as she entered the Cobleskill Walmart Tuesday night at around 8 p.m.

Police were responding to reports of a man with a gun, without shoes, and pointing it at customers.

The officer followed directions, eventually leading her to the suspect.

“Come here. Keep your hands up. Turn around. Turn around. Get on your knees,” Officer West said.

As she puts him in handcuffs, the teenager explains what he intended to do with the gun.

“I plan on killing people. I plan on killing people,” The teenager said.

The exchange was captured on the body camera footage:

The weapon recovered from the suspect is pictured below on top. A real firearm is pictured on the bottom. Can you tell the difference in the blink of an eye?

Cobleskill Police Chief Richard Bialkowski says the weapon was a pellet gun, although it looks exactly like a real handgun.

Police say they didn’t know that until after they took the weapon from the boy.

Regardless, he says it can cause the same damage, serious injury, and even death.

“Actually it has a magazine that’s inserted into it just like a regular firearm. Operates on compressed air and then you would just pull the trigger and shoot pellets,” Chief Bialkowski said.

Police say the teen stole the gun from Walmart. Alberta Wilcox says her son works at the store and wonders if he knows what to do in that type of danger.

“You never can tell when you walk into a store and you don’t know who’s with you or who’s not with you or what they’re doing or not doing, so it’s kind of creepy,” Wilcox said.

No one was injured during the incident, but given the boy’s admitted intent, it could have ended differently.

“The officers exercised good judgment in how they handled the incident, but again one of the most important factors is compliance,” Chief Bialkowski said.

Police say the teen was suffering from a mental health crisis and stole the gun from the store. He was charged with petit larceny, but more charges are expected.




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