Pets rescued from flooded West Virginia shelter available in the Capital Region

MENANDS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The recent flooding in West Virginia didn’t just hurt the people, living there, it also displaced many of their pets.

Now the Mohawk Hudson River Humane Society is helping, by opening their doors to a dozen animals in need of a good home.

A total of ten cats and two dogs, former residents of West Virginia, are now looking for good homes in the Northeast.

They’re furry, friendly, and downright adorable.

The animals had been residents of the Nicholas County Humane Society, until pets, displaced by rising flood waters overwhelmed animal shelters in West Virginia.

These twelve animals were ready to be adopted, until their former shelter needed to empty out their adoption area to give space to the people who needed temporary housing for their pets.

People displaced by the flooding discovered if you’re sleeping on a cot in a Red Cross shelter, you likely don’t have a place to keep your pet.

As part of a national cooperative of shelters that help each other out in tough times, the Mohawk River humane Society opened its doors to these dozen southern transplants.

“If something similar happened here, it’s good to know that we are part of this network,” says Brad Shear, of the Mohawk Hudson River Humane Society. “That we could do the same things, and we could create space in our shelter by sending our animals to other shelters across the country or to help people locally.”

The two dogs, named Rizolli and Isles, will be available for adoption this weekend, but the shelter says some of the cats may have to wait until next week to be adopted.

The shelter says now, the middle of kitten season, is a good time to consider opening your heart and home to some sweet southern charm.

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