PHOTOS: Cop hate speech shows up at The Crossings of Colonie

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Clean up was completed at the Crossings where vandals spray painted negative comments about police for everyone in the park to see.

It was enough to stop park visitors in their tracks.

“As I came around the corner I was kind of surprised that somebody would take the time to vandalize,” MaryJo Heenehan, of Colonie, said.

Cryptic words spray painted on the bathrooms at the back of the park.

graffiti 3On the men’s room side the graffiti reads: “Cops get killed for less.” On the women’s room side the sign has been torn off and the spray-paint reads: “It’s your move.”

Expletives targeting cops was also found on trailway signs, park blacktops, and a nearby apartment complex.

“It’s just upsetting. We have a lot of respect for the police department,” Tina Richards, of Colonie, said. “I know a few of the Colonie cops and it’s just upsetting to see this right here in our own town and it’s hard.”

Colonie Police spend the day canvassing the area and sifting through surveillance video.

“We’re really going to rely on the good relationship we have with our community to hopefully give us some leads,” Colonie Police Lt. Todd Weiss said.


As he speaks about the investigation, Lt. Weiss wears a black bar across his badge, a solemn reminder of the shooting of five Dallas police officers just days ago.

Weiss says for now, they’re focusing on the case in front of them.

“We’re just reacting to it as a graffiti incident. We’re not taking anything personal right now.”

Town Supervisor Paula Meehan is disappointed that this would happen in her community. She says the last people who should be targeted right now are those who protect us.

“The instance that have happened around the whole country is working so you think people would be more sensitive to what’s going on here, but it’s an unfortunate situation. Our people will deal with it and clean it up.”

Now, those who are cleaning up all this vandalism say all it is taking is a little bit of paint thinner. It’s coming off pretty easily and the job should be done in just a few hours.

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