Officials kick-off 787 traffic safety public awareness campaign

COHOES, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The push continues to make the part of 787 that runs through Cohoes safer for everyone. This coming after a teen was hit and killed at the intersection of 787 and Bridge Avenue last month.

For the next week, the portion of 787 that runs through Cohoes will be a safety corridor.

This comes after 16-year-old Brittany Knight was hit and killed just last month whole crossing the highway at Bridge Avenue.

PHOTO: Brittany Knight's Facebook Page
PHOTO: Brittany Knight’s Facebook Page

One major thing that has already been changed at this intersection is how the cross lights work. Now when someone presses a button, all of the traffic lights will turn red and people will have 35 seconds to cross the road.

Knight’s family members hope these changes will prevent that type of accident from happening again.

“It makes me so proud for Brittany. It really does. Because I know she’d probably still be here. And it breaks my heart,” Betty Napoli, Family member of Brittany Knight, said. “It splits our community in half. And this is a cit and we can’t have people driving on a freeway through our city without understanding there’s limitations that they have to follow.”

Mayor Shawn Morse saying the traffic safety corridor along 787 is the second phase in making the road safer for everyone.

Cohoes Police, the Albany Sheriff’s Department, and State Police will be heavily patrolling the section of roadway that goes through Cohoes for the next week.

The speed limit there is 40 MPH. Anyone exceeding that over a certain amount will get a hefty ticket.

Even those speeding slightly will get pulled over for a warning and receive an educational packet.

Mayor Morse says this phase is coming after a summer-long push to educate children on the correct way to cross the road.

NEWS10 ABC’s Ayla Ferrone was out on 787 checking how fast people are going with the NEWS10 speed radar gun. Most drivers are obeying the speed limit, but some were getting pulled over.

Mayor Morse says the ultimate solution to make it safer is to turn the roadway into a boulevard setting so people realize they’re in a city.

Morse says that would cost $15 million to do. He says that price, or a ticket, is nothing compared to losing a life.

“The price that they pay is far less than the price that some families have already paid.”

A price Knight’s family knows all too well.

“Nobody else has to lose a life. That family is devastated. Brittany is gone. There’s nothing they can do,” Napoli said.

Knight Crossing

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