Gotta catch ‘em all: New Pokémon app lets you catch characters at real world locations

(NEWS10) – The latest gaming craze is dominating smartphones and iPads.

Launching just five days ago, Pokémon Go uses augmented reality to make it seem like Pokémon characters are in the real-world.

Pokémon Go breaks the mold of couch-locked gamers. It brings kids, teenagers, and adults into the real world where they find they co-exist with virtual reality.

Chasing Pokémon characters in the real-world has become a real-life hobby.

“I played Pokémon as a kid, so this is like what I always wanted,” Bryce Deperna said.

Pokémon Go is considered “augmented reality”, the game works with your smartphone or iPad’s GPS.

Players explore actual locations in search of virtual characters.

“It’s here in real life, so you get to walk and catch Pokémon,” Anthony Mroz said.

“You’re not just sitting around doing nothing, you can get out and interact with different people,” Logan Scott said.

Teams of gamers take over parks and plazas.  The gaming platform, even tempting some to venture on private property.

“Yeah, I’ll do it if it’s a good Pokémon,” Bryce said.

The biggest draw, it gets gamers outside. A quest may require you to walk a certain distance before advancing to the next level.

“Instead of just sitting at home playing on my Nintendo or computer or watching TV doing nothing, I am walking around. It’s much more healthy,” Megan Scott said.

With my eyes locked on a smartphone screen during a real-time scavenger hunt, problems can pop up.

“I almost fell down my stairs the other day,” Bryce said.

“Our parents are worried we might get kidnapped. So there is that aspect,” Nathan Scott.

The game does remind you to always stay alert. That’s why many people NEWS10 ABC talked to say they’re in groups looking for Pokémon.

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