Capital Region doctors receive training for new heroin treatment implant

Saratoga Springs, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A new drug to fight heroin addiction has made its way to the market, and the company that produces the drug was in the Capital Region Saturday to train local doctors in its use.

The implant is smaller than your index finger, but Braeburn Pharmaceuticals, the company that produces it, is hoping it can help fight back against one of the biggest drug epidemics to hit our area.

“We are extremely excited to offer a new treatment,” said Ryan Dammerman, Head of Medical Affairs. “There aren’t a lot of options.”

Around 100 local doctors all met in Saratoga Springs to receive training on the new procedure. They learned from Dr. Elmer Yu, a doctor with the University of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine.

The implant contains medicine called Buprenorphine, which Dammerman says is found in Suboxone and various other brands.

The implant is placed in the patient’s arm and releases the medication over six months, blocking the effects of heroin, and limiting addictive cravings.

“It’s a very simple medical technique,” said Dr. Yu. “It’s not uncomfortable for the patients.”

Dr. Yu says he has been working with the implant since 2005.

The FDA gave Braeburn Pharmaceuticals the green light to use the implant on patients just five weeks ago.

In total, 1,300 doctors have been trained in the use of the implant across the U.S.

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