Bus driver takes kids on a wild ride

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A bus driver with Brown Transportation who was driving kids home from summer camp Thursday is accused of missing stops and dropping kids off miles from their homes.

It was a bus ride 9-year-old Theresa and her siblings will never forget.

“Everybody on the bus was screaming, ‘is he going to kill us, are we all going to die, where is he taking us?” said Theresa Hazel-Nieves, a fourth grader.

Theresa’s mother Tana Nieves is still shaken by the thought of her kids in distress.

“I take it very seriously when it comes to my children,” said Tana, “and to hear my kids crying and frantic, it was just, it was hard.”

The kids were returning from Schenectady County City Outreach Recreation and Education Camp, SCORE, at Central Park.

When they boarded the bus to go home, they were at the mercy of their driver, 50-year-old Muneshram Ram.

According to police, Ram was either new or a substitute and after dropping the first kid off, he just kept going with it.

Ram is now charged with several misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

“I was crying saying, ‘I want to go home’,’ said Theresa.

The kids say after 45 minutes during which they were calling their mother and crying, the bus driver finally let them out at Hattie Street, and Van Vranken Avenue, about two miles from their usual drop-off spot.

“He even left us even though he knew that we weren’t supposed to go off this stop,” said Theresa, “And I sat on the ground outside crying.”

Tana, who has five kids and one on the way, left work early after getting a frantic call from the kids.

“All the children were crying in the background. They were screaming for help. They wanted their parents,” said Tana.

Police say most of the kids on the bus were between the ages of 8 and 12 years old.

Tana is happy her kids are okay.

Sixth grader Alesia says the bus driver needs to go back to school.

Brown Transportation has assured the district, that Muneshram Ram will no longer drive any buses transporting Schenectady children.

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