Local law enforcement reacts to Dallas shooting as over 50 recruits become officers

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The shooting in Dallas is impacting people across the country, especially those in uniform.

Less than 24 hours after the shooting in Dallas, several local recruits officially became officers, but the ceremony had a different tone.

“I always wanted to help people,” Jarod Hayen, new Schenectady Police Officer, said.

Hayen will now be able to do just that as a new officer for the Schenectady Police Department after graduating from the Zone 5 Regional Training Academy.

“Everyone of us who’s here, we’ve always wanted to do this.”

The graduation started with a moment of silence and bagpipes to honor the victims in Dallas.

More than 50 recruits joined a variety of departments in the Capitol Region.

Representatives from different departments spoke about the difficulties and positives of the job, and said that the tragic events last night show what their recruits are willing to take on.

Albany Police Chief Brenda Cox and others started making changes to their everyday practices. This includes pairing up officers on patrols.

“Last night’s tragedy reminds us that we need to keep ourselves safe and we need to make sure we still continue to work to keep the community safe,” Chief Cox said.

Cox says this and other recent tragedies are making recruiting more difficult. They won’t know until the end of the year.

As for Hayen and the rest of his graduating class, they’re ready for anything.

“I don’t think that any situation would really deter us from trying to do what we’re doing.”

Instead, it will make them stronger.

“It pulls us all together, a little bit closer and you know it makes us support each other a little bit more throughout this whole process.”

Chief Cox says he thinks the majority of the Albany community supports them, but they do hear more from the minority that do not.

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