Black Lives Matter Rally being held in Albany


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Black Lives Matter rally at Dana Park in Albany brought together people of all backgrounds and ages Friday afternoon.

The rally saw a big turnout, especially after the horrific tragedy that took place in Dallas Thursday night.

Over 400 people gathered at Dana Park, speaking passionately of providing justice for the black community, something they say they’re not giving up on anytime soon.

They say they’re spreading the message of respect for the black community and remembering those who they say were unjustly killed by police officers.



Many of those in attendance were overcome with emotion, saying they have become numb to the violence between the black community and police officers.

“I’m just not surprised by it at this point. It’s regular to me,” said Wisdom Johnson, who attended the rally. “I just see videos on Facebook over and over trying to make me desensitized to it. I don’t want to see that.”

Organizers say the rally was originally planned in response to the five block men killed this week, Alton Sterling, Delrawn Rusell, Anthony Nunez, Philando Castile, and Pedro Erik Villanueva. The tragedy in Dallas gave even more of a reason for those in Dana Park to speak up.

“I don’t really look at the whole thing as a black and white thing anymore,” said Ryan Mann, a rally attendee. “You know, it’s just really communication between police and the community

Rosa Clemente, a spokesman for Black Lives Matter of Upstate New York said those in attendance Friday represented all ages and nationalities.

“Black, White, Latino, Asian, Palestinian … all kinds of folks are out here,” said Clemente.

Clemente says they will not be deterred from standing up for what they believe is racial and social justice, and an end to police brutality.

People in attendance held signs that read “Black Lives Matter”, “Black Women Matter”, and “Fighting for our Lives.”

Many emotions were exchanged, and not only among those in attendance. Cars driving by honked to show their support for the black community.

Clemente organizers are worried about violence not just from police, but from vigilantes.

She says they hope however, that their rally will help to put an end to all the chaos.

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